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and helped villagers pull bamboo

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   Encountering difficulties, the cadres helped him think ofcountermeasuresOriginally, jiangtong national living longshui towntingzijiang village committee pengjiawu village, located in themountains. There are less paddy fields, less than 0.4 mu percapita, coupled with the impact of the climate, rice can only beplanted once a year. In the absence of natural disasters and pests,just enough food was produced. As there are two old people on thetop and two children below, jiang tongguo's burden is not light. In2009, he used the money he had saved from selling cedar for yearsto buy a farm vehicle, and helped villagers pull bamboo, trees andfertilizer to make money. Although it is hard to get up early andstay late, it is not a problem to maintain a family life.

In 2015, the family moved to longshui town to study for theirchildren. In longshui village, he rented 3.6 mu of paddy fields togrow rice.

"After we learned that the asparagus in jiang tongguo wasseriously damaged, we invited agricultural experts to support himin planting technology while helping him apply for a poverty-reliefloan to solve the financial problem. We should not only help himstand up, but also make him rich." Longshui town party secretary wuminggui introduced.

At first, jiang thought the difficulties were over, but thenhe encountered trouble. One day in the spring of 2014, jiangtongguo helped the villagers transport fertilizer. When the vehiclecrossed the river, it turned over. For this reason, jiang tongguocompensated them more than 50,000 yuan in medical expenses. Later,he had to sell his farm car.

Before the Spring Festival this year, I went to everywholesaler and brought them rice flower fish, a special product oflongshui town, and talked with them about the acquisition ofasparagus. "You get to know them a lot, and they're not justbusiness partners, they're good friends." Jiang tongguo toldreporters that between April and July this year, his sales of morethan 70 acres of asparagus were more than 720,000 yuan.



Around 2011, jiang's father suffered a sudden stroke, whichdisrupted his life. The mother was unable to walk, and the burdenof caring for her father fell on jiang tong. Then, for more thantwo years, jiang tongguo took his father everywhere for medicaltreatment, and went to several hospitals in the prefectural countyand guilin city, without any improvement. In early 2014, jiang tookhis father to a hospital in guangzhou, where his conditionimproved. For this reason, jiang tongguo before and after spendingmore than 100,000 medical expenses, most of them borrowed fromrelatives.

As a result, he struggled to study planting technology, oftenlooking for opportunities to communicate with other big asparagusgrowers, and learned planting technology by looking for informationonline and watching dishes. He later found that the only way toprevent blight was to build a greenhouse to grow asparagus, butthat would cost a lot of money.


"Since they don't come to collect it, I'll send it over!"Jiang rented a refrigerated truck and took the asparagus tonanning, where he found a wholesaler surnamed Chen. Chen told himthat the field of asparagus mature, the price of lower than local,he sold the asparagus from the field. "If you don't accept thegoods, I will sell them here at a stall. I will also fight a 'pricewar' with you. How much do you sell for a jin? I'll sell it herefor a few days and you'll have to take care of my meals for a fewdays." Jiang spent two days in nanning and two days in the house ofChen's boss, and the two became good friends. Finally, boss Chenbegan to collect jiang's asparagus.


In 2017, he continued to expand the scale. Instead of plantingmore than 20 acres of honeysuckle planted by others nearby, hesublet it and rented another 10 acres, which have grown to morethan 70 acres in total, and built a greenhouse with more than800,000 yuan from the loan. On July 1 of that year, when hisasparagus hit the market in large quantities, the whole countysuffered the once-in-a-century flood. Almost all of his asparaguswere washed away by the flood.



Later, jiang was caught flat-footed and hoped to repay hisfather's medical expenses by using his farm vehicle. "At that time,I was really desperate. I couldn't figure out why life was so bad.I was confronted with so many difficulties. "Said jiangtongguo.

Run a well-off life together "bellwether"

At this time tang came to know the situation, jiang tongguosaid the difficulties. With the help of Mr. Tang, jiang tongguoborrowed 50,000 yuan through the policy of benefiting the people ofpoor families without interest, and built up the tents. "Now thatyou've decided to put your heart and soul into asparagus, make itbigger." In the winter of 2016, jiang borrowed more than 300,000yuan from the bank, rented more than 20 mu of land and set up ashed to plant asparagus. That winter, the original 3.6 acres ofasparagus finally had a harvest, with sales of more than 80,000yuan.

Nanning 8 500 jin, liuzhou 5 350 jin, yongzhou 5 350 jin,hengyang 2 130 jin, guilin 2 130 jin... This is a group of datathat the reporter saw on the record book of the delivery of goodsin jiang tongguo.






"I started going to the rice fields there twice a year. Later,I saw a local farmer who planted 3 mu of asparagus, and he earnedmore than 70,000 yuan that year. The good market efficiency letsjiang tong country see "money" road. He also started growingasparagus in 2016, and while he was thinking about how much moneyhe could make, a hailstorm shattered his dream of wealth. Less thana week after the harvest, the asparagus was severely damaged, andthen blight, which almost killed the crop.


"You borrowed so much money, continuous loss, do not plantasparagus, change to other!" His family tried to persuade him notto do it again, but he persuaded his relatives to lend him money tobuild more tents, buy seeds and start over. "At that time, Iborrowed money from other people," jiang recalled.


"That's the way it is in life. Everything doesn't just happenwith enthusiasm and seriousness." The first failure made jiangtongguo understand that hard work is not enough, and masteringtechnology is the key.



In terms of sales of asparagus, jiang tongguo usuallycontacted the wholesalers of asparagus in guangzhou, nanning,liuzhou, guilin, yongzhou and hengyang by phone, and they sent carsto pick up the goods. In August 2017, when the asparagus washarvested again, jiang found that wholesalers who had been in closecontact with him suddenly stopped asking him for asparagus. Seeingthe production of asparagus growing day by day, jiang tongguo wasso worried that he made phone calls everywhere, but somewholesalers did not even answer his phone.

Now, he not only succeeded in lifting people out of povertywith his diligent hands, but also led the poor families in thevillage to get rid of poverty together and complete a magnificentturn. Zhuang ying, reporter of guilin evening news

“糊心就是那样,我没有晓得helped。天天跟他们用饭饮酒。聊多了没有行把销路翻开了,中国农业栽种手艺网。我便没有走,他没有容许,语沉心少把销路翻开。“找到1个零售商,蒋通国借包车推着芦笋来了柳州战湖北永州,完成了1次华好回身。桂林早报记者庄盈A candidate for the national poverty alleviation award -- amajor producer of asparagus in quanzhou county, guilin, guangxiprovince -- has millions in annual sales.Poverty crucialEnter longshui village committee of longshui village, longshuitown, quanzhou county, attracting eyeballs is the white expanse ofasparagus planting greenhouse in the field, which is the asparagusplanting base of jiang tongguo.Relying on this planting base, jiang tongguo was a poorhousehold three years ago. Three years later, he not only got ridof poverty, but also achieved millions in annual sales, whichbecame a typical local poverty alleviation.


"" without the help of the party and the government, I couldnot have lived this good day." " Speaking of success, jiang did notforget to thank the local party committee government. Of course, hedid not forget the poor families in the village. "Now, there aremore than 10 permanent employees in my farm, some of whom are poo***milies. Nearly 30 villagers come to work when they are busy, eachof whom earns 60 to 100 yuan per day."


Based on the actual situation and wishes of jiang tongguo, theanti-poverty cadres finally decided to help him develop theplanting of asparagus and solve other living problems.

At that time, jiang tongguo also chartered a car to pullasparagus to liuzhou and hunan yongzhou, the sales opened. "Find awholesaler, he does not promise, I will not go, and eat and drinkwith them every day. When we talk too much, we do not only open upour market, but also become good friends.



Cut through the thorns to open the way to plantingasparagus



Since then, jiang has become silent, his wife is worried, butconstantly encouraged him, said the most sentence is, "as long aspeople have nothing, there is hope."


脱贫攻脆进进齐州县龙火镇龙火村委龙火村,先前那3.6亩的芦笋末于有了收获,拆起棚子种上了芦笋。那年冬季,租了20多亩天,蒋通国又找银行贷了30多万元,那便弄年夜1面。”2016年冬季,把棚子给拆了起来。“既然决议齐身心投进弄芦笋栽种,蒋通国经过历程贫贫户惠仄易远政策无息存款了5万元,蒋通国把艰岂非了出来。正在唐教师的协帮下, In the winter of 2014, jiang tongguo was listed as poor, and afemale teacher surnamed tang from yangtian middle school inlongshui town was responsible for helping his family. "" Mr Tangoften comes to my house to encourage me, listen to my ideas, andencourage me to just do it. "Said jiang tongguo.


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